The Best Apartments In Limerick

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Apartments for Rent in Limerick

The Best Apartments in Limerick

We’d love to help you select the best apartment in Limerick at Botanica Cottages that’s perfectly suited to your unique desires, so we’ve made it easy for you to begin the selection process even before you visit. With Resplendent apartment options, you’re certain to find the home that’s perfect just for you!

Our sophisticated, modern apartments for rent have been designed to offer a pure and timeless simplicity that works well for both families and individuals. You’ll find that our thoughtfully designed  one bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom apartment styles emphasize open, flexible spaces, allowing you to easily tailor the apartment’s functionality to your own personal sense of style. Here, the very highest quality in modern materials work together harmoniously to create a sleek and elegant look and feel throughout and ensure that your apartment will serve you as well as it suits you.

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The Best One Bedroom Apartments in Limerick, PA


Apartments in LimerickOne-Bedroom Apartment, One Bathroom
714 Square Feet with Garage
From $1399 – $1559



One-Bedroom Apartment, One Bathroom
910 Square Feet with Den and Garage
 From $1459 – $1699


The Best Two Bedroom Apartments in Limerick, PA


Two-Bedroom Apartment, Two Bathrooms
975 Square Feet with Garage

From $1539 – $1699




Two-Bedroom Apartment, Two Bathrooms
1099 Square Feet with 2 Car Garage
First Floor
From 1659 – $2190


Two-Bedroom Apartment, Two Bathrooms
1157 Square Feet with 2 Car Garage
Second Floor
From $1785 – $2105



Two-Bedroom Apartment, Two Bathrooms
1244 Square Feet with 2 Car Garage
First Floor

From $1989 – $2240




Apartments in LimerickTwo-Bedroom Apartment, Two Bathrooms
1327 Square Feet with 2 Car Garage
Second Floor

From $1839 – $2149



The Best Three Bedroom Apartment in Limerick, PA


The Best Apartments In Limerick


Three-Bedroom Apartment, Two Bathrooms
1400 Square Feet with 2 Car Garage
First Floor
From $2199 – $2599


Three-Bedroom Apartment, Two Bathrooms
1495 Square Feet with 2 Car Garage
Second Floor
From $2250 – $2459



The Best Apartments In Limerick